Are you having any difficulty with your menstrual cycle (cramps, headache, backache, and emotional irritability)? Do you feel fatigued and stressed? Any digestive problems (gas, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea)?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

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85% of menstruating women today have at least 1 PMS symptom as part of their monthly cycle. Most of us accept PMS as part of being a woman. However, if untreated for a prolong period, it could potentially affect psychological as well as physical health. There may be at greater risk for depression and difficult menopausal transition. There’s also high risk of difficulty with conception. The body is so intelligent, it sends messages by giving us “pain”, signaling that we’re out of balance and need to address these issues. However, in today’s society, we live by the societal expectations that we feel we have to keep going. We don’t know how to stop because we think it’s not good to slow down. Often times, we don’t listen to what our body is telling us because of our commitments (whether it’s work, family or community), hence taking care of our health becomes secondary. There’s also convenience of over the counter medicine to alleviate symptoms to get through these commitments. This action eventually leads to a serious damage and that’s when we’re forced to rest.

Ayurveda approaches looking at the root cause of these symptoms and work on REMOVING THE CAUSE. Therefore, it is not a quick fix. However, I can assure you that by removing the root cause, you’ll eventually experience “symptom-free” cycles and everything else follows smoothly and sweetly.

Would you like to find out solutions? Here are the steps to a harmonious menstrual cycle:

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Ayurveda not only looks at the root cause, but also looks at balancing mind, body, and soul:


The mind, body and soul are the foundations of life. The balance between the three brings harmony to our health and relationships.

I look forward to connecting with you :)

To your vibrant health,

Mari Fukuda, CAP
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner